Stu LantzKansas City KS
I have only had my car back a couple of days, but thus far, I am totally satisfied with the work that Certified Transmission did on my car. Jeff Smith and the other Jeff were both knowledgeable and courteous. They also assisted with another issue with my car that I knew I needed to get taken care of. I had a broken sway bar and they shared with me that it would be best for me and the ones working on my car to get a broken sway bar taken care of while the transmission was being replaced. They did not charge me any extra for labor, just for the part...since they were already working in that area. I appreciated that honesty. They also assisted me with the cost of the transmission with a wholesale price instead of retail. Awesome! I am completely satisfied and feel comfortable to take my car out of the city limits and travel with it once again.
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